Leaning Support Unit - Unit 1A

Unit 1A is home to the Learning Support Unit coordinated by Karen Purvis. It is located at the top of the school near Kindergarten. Our Learning Support Unit is a fully integrated Autism Unit. This means that members of the unit are fully integrated into mainstream classes with support. This allows us the flexibility to assist students across the school, using a range of strategies including smaller focus groups in a variety of areas such as Literacy and Numeracy. The students in the LSU have the opportunities to engage in social skills lessons as well as lessons and activities focusing on life skills including community access.  Once a week the students from the LSU participate in the Pegasus program.

The Learning Support Unit celebrates 'Bubbles Day' across the school during term one on Autism Awareness Day. This gives all the students, staff and wider community the opportunity to learn and celebrate difference, as well as understand the features of Autism Spectrum Disorder.