This year in Unit 3 there are four Year 2 classes:

1.The Kingfish, taught by Rosie Kingelty
2.The Snappers, taught by Megan Ferdinand
3.The Swordfish taught by Anna Millar
4.Rainbow fish, taught by Marianne Foley and Kate Harvey-Sutton.

Within the unit, a collaborative approach to teaching ensures the best possible outcomes for all students. The core curriculum will be taught by the classroom teachers within individual classes and as a whole unit. Our three main goals for our students this year are to build their literacy, numeracy and resilience skills.Teachers aim to empower students to take ownership of their learning through the gradual release of responsibility in learning tasks. This encourages critical and creative independent thinking.

Every Friday students will have the opportunity to engage in Music with Sarah Masling, French with Shamim Sabetraftar, PE with Ian Lanham, and Science with Laura Keogh.  Students can also become involved in extracurricular activities offered throughout the year.