Year 3

The teachers in Year 3 are:
* 3M - Erwin McCrae (Wednesday to Friday)
* 3R - Chelsea Rees (Monday to Friday)
* 3JH - Kate Harvey-Sutton (Thursday to Friday) and Leone Jansen (Monday to Wednesday)

Our unit is a fun place to be with an emphasis on working together. The core curriculum will be taught by the classroom teachers as individual classes and as a whole unit. Daily learning experiences will involve the 4 C’s: collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication to align with the schools core beliefs that every child should be Literate, Numerate and Resilient.

Every Friday, students will have the opportunity to engage in Music with Jan Lloyd-Jones, French with Christiane De Savaris, PE with Amar Aroun, and Science with Lauren Domio.  Students can become involved in extra curricula activities offered throughout the year.

Highlights throughout the year are sporting carnivals, a combined 3/4 camp, hosting assemblies and the end of year concert.

Fortnightly Google posts will be sent out on a Friday to keep you up to date with current learning.

the map showing the location of the Year 3 class - Unit 4