Year 6 - Units 4 and 7

Welcome to Year 5/6!

The teachers Stephen Clarke, Jess Knott, Natarsha van den Boogaard (in Unit 4) and Emily Dziubinski, Corinne Hannan and Ian Lanham (in Unit 7) will utilise a team teaching and learning approach within their units in order to captivate student’s learning and education. Students will also have the opportunity to learn within their individual classes and with other specialist teachers. These include French, Music, Science and Physical Education.

It will be an exciting year for all students. Both Year 5 and Year 6 have many events to look forward to throughout the year. In certain circumstances, they will be split into different year groups to ensure they have their respective leadership opportunities.


Year 5: NAPLAN, preschool buddies, the school musical and the school concert.

Year 6: Buddy Programs at Cranleigh, Sideshow Alley at this year’s fete, school musical, the school concert, and the Year 6 Graduation and Fun Day.

We hope the Year 5/6 students are looking forward to what will be an exciting school year ahead.