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The P&C promotes community participation in the activities of the school. All parents and guardians of students at the school are members and other interested individuals may become members. The P&C has a number of objectives including:


promotion of the interests of the school;

encouraging close collaboration between staff, parents and other citizens; and

provision of a forum where members can contribute to the development of the goals and policies of the school.

The P&C also conducts social functions and fundraising activities and organises the election of parent members to the School Board. All community members are welcome to attend monthly P&C Meetings. The P&C organises the canteen, operates a uniform sales service and a second-hand clothing pool. The P&C also regularly assists with school functions and organises social and fundraising activities including the very popular annual fete.

Parent and Community representatives are elected to the School Board and serve a term of 2 years. The Board Chair is elected from the parent representatives.


P&C President

Virginia Lindenmayer


P&C  Vice President

James  Badgery


P&C Secretary & Public Officer

Joan Webb



Vicky Mahar