Year 1

Welcome to the Dinosaur Unit, with our Dino-mite year ones!
This year we have three classes; the Pteradactyls with Tarnii Eade, the Triceratops with Mel Edwards and the Brontosauruses with Anna Millar and Rohana O’Callaghan.

We will be learning as individual classes and as a whole unit. The teachers plan and teach together to ensure the best possible learning outcomes for each student are met. Our three main goals for our students this year are to build their literacy, numeracy and resilience skills.

Every Friday, students participate in French, taught by Christiane De Savaris, Music, taught by Jan Lloyd-Jones, Science, taught by Lauren Domio and PE, taught by Amar Aroun.

Our library day is Thursday for borrowing and returning books!

the map showing the location of the Year 4 class - Unit 3