Our Canteen

Opening hours / days: During school term, the canteen offers food at recess and lunch on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Recess is 11:10AM to 11:30AM and lunch is 1:00PM to 1:40PM.

Our menu

We offer a wide variety of healthy food and update the menu regularly.

2019 Menu (pdf icon 702.5 KB)

Ordering Food

There are two options for placing an order at the canteen.

  1. On-line orders
    The canteen encourages placing orders through an online ordering service. Orders can be placed until 9.00am on the day for recess and lunch.  Alternatively, orders can be placed in advance  or set-up as a re-occurring order.
    Click the image "Flexischools" to order online. It is very easy to register.
    Flexischools is very easy to use and means you don't have to worry about writing orders on paper bags and finding change.  Flexischools also provides many benefits to the canteen as it reduces the time needed to count money and tally orders.
  2. Manual orders
    We accept cash orders too for recess and lunch Write your child's name, class, and unit and food to be ordered on a paper bag. Please enclose the required money.
    Your child can then place the bag in the lunch order box when arriving at school. If your child forgets to put their order in the box, they can come to the canteen so their order can be filled.  We do our best to accommodate late orders.

Special Requests

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with special food requests such as variation of ingredients in standard items.

Food Allergies

The only exception to the special request policy is in the case of food allergies and intolerances. Parents need to inform the school of any such condition. A form is distributed at the beginning of each year for this purpose. The canteen is NUT free due to severe allergies of some of our students.

Food Policy

The canteen provides nutritious and appealing food at an affordable price. We use a traffic light colour code for our canteen foods:

We try to keep our menu as green as possible to provide a healthy school recess and lunch service.  We aim to please our children and assist busy families.

Contacting Us

We can be contacted by phone on 6142 2621 or e-mail wpscanteen@hotmail.com.  We also have a Facebook page "Weetangera Primary Canteen". Please "like" our page and keep up to date with special lunch orders and news from the canteen.

Canteen and the Curriculum

The canteen and the school work together to promote good health messages to our students. The canteen is an active partner in many activities at school, for example the athletics carnival and other special events. We want to help promote healthy lifestyle messages.


The Canteen Committee runs two discos per year, in Terms 2 and 3. Funds raised at the discos support the canteen. Discos are divided into two age groups; junior (K-Yr2) from 6:30-7:30 and senior (Yr3- Yr6) 7:40-9:00.  The canteen is very grateful to the parents and teachers, who volunteer to set-up, supervise and dance at these events!

Volunteer Help

The canteen relies on the generosity of people like you. Our canteen can't run without volunteers; parents, carers and grandparents!  If you have a spare morning, or a spare hour, we would love to meet you.  Babies and toddlers are welcome.  Come and have a cuppa, a chat and help us:

Our children love seeing us in the canteen during the day.  We find the canteen provides parents and carers a chance to meet others and form networks and friendships within the school community.  Also, by volunteering in the canteen, your name will go into a draw to win a prize!

Please contact the canteen manager, by email or phone… Or just drop by!

2019 Staff

Manager - Kerrie Sun

Staff - Belinda Redfern-Elliot


Nutrition Award (pdf icon 148.5KB)

Nutritious Food

Our Canteen was Runner Up in CANTEEN fresh 2013 competition.