Year 4

You will find our year 4 in unit 6. The teachers in this unit are Isabel Dunn and Janinne Nascimento. Barbara Rundel Dobson will also provide support in the morning as well as teach the French program.

The unit generally works as a whole year level. Reading and Maths will be taught within classes. The rest of the curriculum will be taught collaboratively. Both teachers will plan together to ensure individual needs are met and the curriculum is delivered using a variety of teaching strategies.
During the year there will be a focus on:
1.How learning can be shown,
2.Challenging our preferred learning styles (Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences)  to try new ways to learn and
3.Using a positive mindset to move learning along.

On Monday, specialist teachers will be responsible for -
Science - Nicole Terry
French - Barbara Rundel Dobson
Music - Sarah Masling and
Physical Education - Ian Lanham