There are three classes in kindergarten, and they are named after some of our favourite Aboriginal stories.
The classes are:
*The Clever Crows with Mrs Leanne Oxley,
*The Malu Kangaroos with Mr Daniel Round, and
*The Tiddalicks with Miss Stacie Howell.
This term the kindergarten students will be focussing on developing their skills as self-managers, as they settle into the life of a ‘big kid’ at Weetangera. Some of the self-management skills they are developing are, following routines, organising their own things, and trying their best in everything they do.
In term 1, Kindergarten will be inquiring into how families play an important role in shaping our identity. We will be looking at the people that make up our family and the stories of our family’s history and how they can be communicated.
Each morning in kindergarten begins with Mathematics workshops and Ten Time, which is ten minutes of numeracy based games aimed at developing number recognition and counting fluency. During term 1 in Mathematics, we will be focussing on developing our skills in numeral identification and number sense by exploring concrete materials, sorting, comparing, and making patterns.
During reading and writing workshops students are explicitly taught the strategies needed to be success readers and writers. The learning of phonics is also an essential part of learning to read and write, and in Kindergarten at Weetangera, we explicitly teach letters and sound knowledge through rich literature that is integrated into our reading and writing programs. The letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make will be linked to all that we do, whether it be through sharing stories, reading big books, modelled writing, or spontaneous learning opportunities.
Every Monday, students will have the opportunity to engage in Music with Sarah Masling, French with Shamim Sabetraftar, and PE with Ian Lanham.
Regular Seesaw updates will be sent out to inform parents and carers of current learning.
Thank you to all families for all you do to support your child and us at Weetangera. If you have any questions about our kindergarten classrooms or would like to chat, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the school on (02) 6142 2600.